The Easiest Instruments to Learn How to Play

Playing an instrument is such a wonderful thing to do on so many levels. No matter if you just want to play for your own entertainment or if you are considering a career in music, playing an instrument can give so much satisfaction. This is not to say it can be particularly easy to learn, the old adage that “practice makes perfect” might well have been written for students of music. To be a professional musician does not just require dedication and love, it also needs many hours of boring repetitive scales and practice, this is where the real work comes in.

It is true, similar to languages, some people have a flair for music. There is an expression “he has a musical ear”. What this means is that the person has an aptitude for hearing something and being able to recollect it note for note. It does give the individual a distinct advantage, but it is definitely an advantage.

What Instrument Is Best to Start With

Most mortals have to learn music the hard way, and that is by practice, practice and more practice! So, what is the best instrument to start learning music? The instruments of the orchestra are divided into categories: woodwind, brass, and percussion, and strings, and every instrument is split up into these four disciplines.

Normally, a novice prefers a certain style of instrument based purely on personal taste. But there are certain factors that rule out certain instruments. For instance, if you are a particularly small person, starting to learn double bass would obviously be difficult. By the same token, if you have small hands then keyboard instruments would be difficult to master.

However, if say you particularly like the clarinet or flute then it is a good idea if you are young to start with a “beginner’s instrument”. This could be something like a recorder, it is petite and manageable, and the gap between the holes is small, which is ideal for small hands.

The “Beginners” Instruments

Obviously, most people don’t take up an instrument because it is the easiest to play, most people want to play an instrument because they have fallen in love with it for whatever reason. However, there are certain instruments that are natural progression of others. And it could be a really good idea before you progress onto the instrument of your choice, learn to conquer something a little easier.

If you want to play a saxophone or clarinet, try starting on a recorder. If drums are your favourite then it is a great idea to start with the bongo, armonica is ideal as a learning step to more advanced instruments and the ukulele is the perfect beginner’s step for the guitar.

Whichever instrument you choose, remember the hours you put in practicing will reward you greatly when it comes to mastering your favourite instrument. And of course, the whole point of learning an instrument is to have fun playing it.

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