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The World’s Best Soul Singers – Part 2

Our second foray into the world’s greatest soul singers features the ladies. These divas who help fashion this remarkable genre of music are now legendary across the world, but when they first started in their careers they were far from household names. Aretha Franklin Where better to start than “The Queen of Soul” as her […]

Great Female Solo Artists – Part 1

There are so many great female solo artists around the world it will be really hard to fit them into just one blog post. For that reason, this will be part one of three. To be fair, even with 3 blogs we will have only just touched on the surface of some of the best […]

The World’s Best Soul Singers Part 1

In part one of this tribute to the world’s best ever soul singers we focus on male solo singers, that changed the face of soul music from its first roots in the churches of the deep south of America to modern mainstream popular music. There is no particular order to the names, just that each […]

The Easiest Instruments to Learn How to Play

Playing an instrument is such a wonderful thing to do on so many levels. No matter if you just want to play for your own entertainment or if you are considering a career in music, playing an instrument can give so much satisfaction. This is not to say it can be particularly easy to learn, […]

Popular Artists in Different Genres

Music is a very personal thing; your love of jazz might be frowned upon by somebody who adores heavy rock. But no matter which genre you prefer there is no doubting certain artists are the best at what they do, perhaps the drummer from a reggae band to the rapper of a hip hop group. […]